Whitehaus Collection: Luxury Farmhouse Sinks and Kitchen Faucets

Whitehaus has been a premier manufacturer of luxury kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures since 1995. Many of their products bring a unique, classic style that only the finest master craftsmen and boutique Etsy sellers could dream of replicating. Whitehaus has stood out due to their unique vintage look and their ability to provide homeowners with dynamic products that project elegance into the rooms they are installed in and are durable enough to stand the test of time. Part of ALFI Trade Inc, the Whitehaus Collection has been the culmination of years of industry knowledge which has been leveraged to your benefit so that you can buy the best kitchen and bath fixtures on the market.

Whitehaus Farmhouse Sinks

Whitehaus is well known for their farmhouse kitchen sinks, which are some of the most highly reviewed and top recommended farm sinks you can buy. These apron sink beauties can be made of fireclay, copper, and stainless steel to match the unique look you desire.

One of our favorites is the Whitehaus WH3018, A duet 30-Inch reversible fireclay sink with a smooth front apron that gives your kitchen a smooth, yet deliberate ambiance. It comes in White, Biscuit, Sapphire Blue, and Black, so it can match any kitchen styling requirements you have! If you need a larger sink, we recommend the Whitehaus WH3618, a 36 inch farmhouse sink that is the same in style to the WH3018.

If you would like for your farmhouse sink to have an alcove on the side for you to place a drying rack, we recommend the Whitehaus WHQD540, aka the farmhouse quatro alcove sink. This beautiful sink has actually been constructed with organic materials and the A+ glazing makes it practically impervious to bacteria from food preparation.


Whitehaus Sink Grids

Buying a farmhouse sink is an investment, and protecting your sink from unsightly scratches, chips, and cracking is of the utmost importance to any home owner. Luckily, Whitehaus manufactures a variety of copper and stainless-steel sink grids of all shapes and sizes to protect your sink:


Whitehaus Kitchen Sink Strainers

 Once you have your sink and grid selected, the next choice you need to make is the kitchen sink strainer! No kitchen sink is complete without a proper strainer or a stylish soap dispenser! Whitehaus manufactures basket strainers specifically for fireclay kitchen sinks, such as the RNW35L 3-1/2 inch basket strainer, which comes in polished chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, and many other options in order to match your tastes perfectly!


The Whitehaus Isabella Collection Bathroom Sinks 

If you are looking for beautiful porcelain products to go into your next bathroom remodel, look no further than the Whitehaus Isabella collection, an assortment of some of the most beautiful modern bathroom sinks made of the highest quality vitreous china available. As the perfect complement to a modern medicine cabinet, the Isabella collection of bath sinks comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and mounting options, including pedestal sinks, in order to complement your big or small bathroom perfectly.

 If you are looking for a small, wall mounted bathroom sink that can accommodate your sizing needs, the 16-1/4 inch Whitehaus WH1-102L (or WH1-102R), and the slightly larger 17-1/2-inch Whitehaus WH1-103L (or WH1-103R) are a fantastic option. Both of these sinks come with a center drain and a faucet hole that can be drilled on the left or the right.

Another wonderful option in the Isabella collection is the Whitehaus WHKN1131, which is a half-oval wall mounted bathroom sink with an integrated oval bowl, overflow, a right offset single faucet hole, and a center drain.

 There is also the LU014 U-shaped wall mounted basin, and the Whitehaus LU024, which is a rectangular version of this wall mounted sink. Many of the sinks in the Isabella collection can be purchased with pedestals instead.


Whitehaus Commercial Utility Sinks

If you are looking for utility sinks for commercial or home cleaning purposes, Whitehaus has developed Noah’s collection of beautiful metallic sinks to cover your most basic plumbing needs.

If you need something heavy duty, the Whitehaus WHNC2520 Noah's Collection commercial drop-in laundry-scrub sink. Forged with brushed stainless steel, this sink will be sure to make cleaning an absolute delight.


Whitehaus Magic Flush Eco-Friendly Toilets 

If you are looking for a trustworthy toilet that satisfies your desire to minimize water usage, create savings, and promote eco-friendly values, look no further than Whitehaus. Both the WHMFL3351-EB and the WHMFL3222-EB feature dual flush technology, which allows you to select the appropriate flush (either 1.6 GPF full flush or 1.1 GPF partial flush) and conserve water.

Whitehaus also produces replacement toilet parts and toilet seats for your specific needs.


Whitehaus Kitchen Faucets

With a vintage look that manufacturer’s the world over strive to copy, Whitehaus has struck gold with their beautiful kitchen faucet designs while maintaining their commitment to quality.

One such example is the Whitehaus 3-3185 Essexhaus single lever kitchen faucet. Designed with a swivel spout for easy movement, the Whitehaus 3-3185 also comes with a side spray and comes in six different finishes including polished chrome, pewter, and antique bronze.

The Vintage III Collection perfectly imbues these qualities through bold design choices such as bridge faucets, gooseneck swivel spouts, and more, which make them the ultimate kitchen faucet for the discerning homeowner.

If you are looking for more specialized kitchen faucets, Whitehaus also manufactures pot fillers such as the WH33-515-C Decohaus 13-Inch retractable wall mount pot filler with cross handle, or hot water dispensers such as the WHFH-H3130 Forever Hot instant hot water dispenser, which comes with a beautiful traditional spout and a self closing hot water handle.


Buy Whitehaus In Canada

 Are you located in Canada? Kibasho can organize international shipping options at affordable prices so that you can enjoy a Whitehaus product no matter where you are! If you have any questions, call us about shipping and we will help you through the process.


Whitehaus Product Warranty

Most Whitehaus products come with a LIMITED lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects of both material and workmanship. The smaller components in these products usually come with 5 year warranties. If you have a question about a specific product’s Whitehaus sink warranty, please feel free to call and ask our trained customer service representatives.


ALFI brand and EAGO 

If you would like to learn more Whitehaus’ sister brands, ALFI brand and EAGO, Kibasho is proud to carry their complete product catalogues at the best prices around!

Fun fact: Though it is sometimes accidentally spelled “Whithaus”, the “Haus” in the brand name actually means “house” in German, so Whitehaus means “White House” in a combination of German and English! So go get your whitehouse sink today!