The Westbrass Story

Westbrass was founded in 1935 by two brothers, Jack and Aaron Kagan, to serve the needs of all plumbing wholesalers on the West Coast. The product lines at the time included items such as faucets, valves, malleable fittings, etc. After becoming the premier distributor of plumbing products, the company was bought in 1985 by Max Homami. Seeing a boom in the Home Improvement Industry, Mr. Homami had a vision to make Westbrass the leader in Kitchen & Bath Accessories. 

The company currently manufactures its own products made of the highest quality materials. In order to ensure the excellence in the industry, these products are made to pass the highly stringent requirements of NSF, IAPMO, ADA and many other regulations. The Los Angeles-based company now sells a wide range of Plumbing Specialty Products, Bath Waste & Overflows, as well as Decorative Kitchen & Bath Accessories worldwide. 

Westbrass holds several patented items including the Deep Soak Overflow designed for extra-deep soaking in most bathing-wells, the Closing Linear overflow and several other intellectual properties. The customer base includes kitchen & bath showrooms, plumbing wholesalers and supply houses, OEM and ODM companies, as well as several national home centers.


Westbrass Kitchen Hardware & Appliances

Westbrass manufacturers a variety of kitchen hardware and kitchen accessories, from kitchen faucets, water taps, drains, hot water dispensers, and more accessories. Their durable products are available in multiple finishes like satin nickel, polished chrome, stainless steel, and plenty of other luxurious finishes to match with your kitchen style.

Air Gap Soap Dispensers

A hot kitchen item by Westbrass is their air gap soap dispenser. They carry multiple styles and people can't seem to get enough. A soap dispenser is an often overlooked piece of a kitchen set. But the reality is, an elegant and effective dispenser can add that touch of beauty that completes a kitchen. Have a look at one of Westbrass' top selling soap dispensers, the Westbrass d2170p-07.

Kitchen Faucets

If its a faucet you need, Westbrass kitchen faucets top the list when it comes to affordability and value. It's easy to cheap out on faucets, but if you're low on cash, we recommend opting for something with higher quality and more style. Westbrass faucets usually range from $50 to $350.

Hot Water Dispensers

 Westbrass is also known for their high quality hot water dispensers. They also carry hot and cold water dispensers. You can purchase them as a water dispenser kit along with the tank, or you can get the dispenser alone. As expected from Westbrass, they build their dispensers in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can get the look you want.


Westbrass Bathroom Products

Another area of expertise of Westbrass is in the bathroom products department. The three main bathroom product lines are water stops and supplies, traps, drains, and tubes, and trip levers and accessories. The popular Westbrass tub drain is always a top seller, and that's no surprise as Westbrass is known for its bathroom items and even holds some patents in the area.

Westbrass water stops and supplies will have you equipped for any bath set up. You can buy supplies for free standing tubs, pipe nipples, tubing, angled stops, straight stops, turn stops (all kinds of stops), and flanges. If you prefer a full on kit, they have angle stop kits, pedestal installation kits, and toilet installation kits.

Shower & Bathtub Products

Shower and bathtub products and accessories are Westbrass third main area of operation. They carry shower heads, arms, and flanges, along with tub spouts, bath waste and overflow products, and more accessories. A top seller of this category are Westbrass tub drains, specifically in the subtly stylish matte black finish (often known to sell out!). Their shower arms are also high quality and have great buyer reviews.

Bathtub Drain Selection Is Big

Tub drains are a wide catalog within Westbrass. There are many types of bathtubs and drains, and Westbrass does a great job providing the products needed to complete a bathtub installation. They hold patents on a few important pieces of their tub drains, allowing them to specialize in creating the best product. Beehive strainers, tip toe plungers, overflow covers, and all the pieces to go with can be bought here at Kibasho. 

Shower Heads, Arms & Flanges

Access a wide selection including shower arms, ceiling arms, shower arm flanges, shower heads, and hand shower accessories. Westbrass shower arms & flanges are in high demand, and its no surprise to us. Their heavy duty construction and variety of shapes and sizes mean customers have ample selection.

Westbrass Specialty Household Products

This is where you find those little pieces that complete your kitchen and bath design. Westbrass manufacturers gas lines, fireplace trims, washing machine hoses, and water heater supply lines. Whether your building something new, or need a replacement part, Westbrass is a great option to start your search.