Bathtubs: Let us help you find your new luxury bathroom sanctuary

At Kibasho we’re here to cater to all your high end bathtub needs. Whether it is an ALFI brand Freestanding tub, EAGO bathtub, an outdoor bathtub, a garden tub, or one of our relaxing whirlpool tub options, we want to help you pick out something that will last a long time and also match your specific lifestyle's requirements.

What Is The Best Type Of Bathtub For Me?

With a large assortment of options, it can sometimes be difficult picking the exact bathtub you need, knowing the benefits that one specific tub provides versus another one, and how it could be perfect for you. One of the most common tubs that our trained home service professionals help install is the whirlpool tub. These wonders go into a lot of the remodels because of the luxurious experience they provide. This bathtub in particular recreates the feel of water powered jets that you would typically encounter in a jacuzzi or hot tub, but you can enjoy them in the secluded comfort of your own bathroom.

Sometimes something more tucked away and compact comes to mind, especially for individuals who have a smaller bathroom to remodel. That is where the sleekly designed corner bathtub shines, as it can get the job done by accommodating your space requirements.

Whether you need a cheap tub or the best bathtub money can afford, Kibasho has got you covered. No matter your budget, we have a variety of bathtubs from the typical classic bathtub or "soaking tub" that can be used in conjunction with a showerhead, all the way to air bathtubs that come with fancy LEDs and advanced remote control functions. If you’re someone with a desire for something new, Kibasho offers pure wooden bathtubs, outdoor bathtubs, and bathtubs with acrylic encasing.

Freestanding vs. Enclosed Tubs

You may wonder why an enclosed bathtub might work better for you than freestanding bathtub. Or if it makes more sense, vice-versa. The answer to this age old question comes down to a few factors. Firstly, how large is the space that you are working with? Secondly, do you need all the extra functions that have been developed over the past few years? With the modernization of bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs can now have functions such as whirlpool jets and a built-in showerhead unit that were once only seen in the enclosed bathtub units of the past.

A freestanding bathtub is typically a bathtub which sits alone, and is not attached to a wall or dropped into a space, so it doesn't have anything surrounding it. It typically sits flush with the ground like our air-bubble bathtubs, or on four legs like many of our Whitehaus bathtubs, and is hooked up in a space where water piping is directly below the unit. An enclosed tub is usually connected or attached to a bathroom wall, though some of these tubs may be dropped into a surrounding built-in enclosure that tends to hold overflowing bathtubs or drop-in bathtubs.

With some of our older customers, the choice of an enclosed walk-in bathtub is a more viable option because of the support it can provide users with amenities such as safety rails, and a convenient sitting area too.


How to Install A Bath Tub

If you are wondering how to install your beautiful new bath tub, unless you have considerable plumbing and bath tub installation experience, we recommend you contact a home services professional. Kibasho has access to a nationwide network of trustworthy home services professional to help you with your next bath tub installation project.