A Trustworthy Toilet For Your Needs

Replacing or upgrading your toilet is something our team at Kibasho is ready to help you conquer. The toilet is a vital part of any bathroom and there are numerous shapes and sizes to fit your exact needs. Sometimes overlooked, toilets can be lifetime purchases and the team at Kibasho want to help you find something that will shape the look and feel of your bathroom.

Understanding Your Toilet Needs

We know you're getting a toilet to serve your everyday needs, but in order to do so, let's help you get a better understanding of the toilet and its functions. The most common bathroom toilet is the gravity toilet. This is the type that you see in most homes, and can come either in an elongated toilet form or a round toilet form. If you would prefer a more powerful flush, another option has extra pressure added so that every flush is powerful. These are called pressure assist toilets.

Do you have a smaller bathroom to cater to? A wall mounted toilet may be what you’re looking for. By elegantly sitting flush with your wall, it gives the room more space and brings a sense of modernness that is unrivaled. If you are looking for something more heavy duty, we suggest going with a manual valve flush unit, which can be found in both wall mounted toilet units and elongated toilets.

Here at Kibasho we strive to support any cause that can help make the world a better place. Amongst the numerous toilet options, bathroom toilets can cater to the environmentally conscious homeowner as well. A dual-flush toilet is becoming the standard in most new home renovations because it lets you pick between a bigger flush that uses more water, or a less powerful, flush that conserves water and is less wasteful.

Top Quality & Top Service

With so the brands out there, Kibasho is committed to only providing you with the best. We do this because we want to feel like we are putting our very own product our own home every time. With top reviewed brands such as EAGO, Whitehaus, and American Standard, our selection is unparalleled in quality. Along with the vast amount of toilet accessories that Kibasho provides, you’re able to customize your soft - toilet lid, ceramic toilet lid , or even custom toilet button mechanisms. Kibasho has always been a leading provider of getting the job done from start to finish, and are able to do so with the vast community of home service professionals who are able to complete any plumbing job you may have.