Shower Head Luxury to Cleanse Your Soul

A lot of us have some of our deepest thoughts under a shower head, so it's only fitting that you pick the right kind for your mind, body, and home. Whether you are looking for the cheapest shower head, or the best reviewed shower heads made by the top manufacturers such as Delta Faucet, Moen, KOHLER, and other popular brands, Kibasho has got you covered.

Types Of Shower Heads For Your Specific Needs

Since we carry a range of shower heads at different prices with different styles and features, it is important to know what kind of showering experience you value. A shower head can connect to a shower arm or a hose that leads to either a slide bar or a wall. Kibasho carries rain shower heads, dual shower heads, slide bar shower heads, adjustable shower heads, handheld shower heads, and beautifully minimalistic fixed shower heads. All of these different types bring a different character and style to your bathroom and are designed to complement your unique needs.

Pick The Right Kind of Shower Spray

With so many types of shower sprays, selecting the perfect option can be a little overwhelming, but luckily finding the right shower head on Kibasho is easy and simple. Kibasho has rain, massage, flood, jet, and full shower heads. If you are looking for shower heads that come with a bathtub faucet and shower trims, Kibasho carries tub & shower faucet sets. If you are also looking for a wall-mounted device that cleanses you from multiple angles, we recommend you peruse our beautiful selection of shower faucets and body sprays

Shower Head Finishes

Now you know what type of shower head that you want, you must be wondering what finish can I get? Kibasho carries a wide variety of finishes that can match your bathroom perfectly such as polished chrome, stainless steel, antique brass, black, white, brushed nickel, copper, bronze, and gold. 

How Do I Install a Shower Head?

If you are wondering how to install your shower head, please see our comprehensive guide on shower head installation. If you would rather leave the work to a professional, please visit our professional services area. Kibasho has access of thousands of qualified and trusted professionals in your area who can help you with your plumbing and remodeling needs today.