Stylish Shower Drains To Complete Your Shower Experience

If you think shower drains aren't important, think again. In addition to ensuring effective draining of your shower, a subtly stylish drain can complete your shower experience. You should love the look of your shower drain and it should get the job done! Shower drains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, and different showers may require different kind of drains.


Popular Shower Drain Types

Multipiece Shower Drain - This is the most complicated shower drain style, but it can work with the simplest of showers. As expected, there are multiple pieces to this drain: a strainer at the top, then a locking ring to keep it in place, a compression gasket, the flange, the body of the drain, and then a washer and nut to finish it off.

Three Piece Shower Drain - Can you guess how many pieces this drain has? This floor drain is often used for tile showers. The set up of a three piece drain lets it fit showers of varying floor thickness, and is adjustable and and effective. However its not recommended to install this kind of drain yourself, unless you are a very skilled DIYer. Errors in drain assembly could result in costly leaks and worse. Its best to have a professional install your shower drains.

Single Piece Shower Drain - Now we get to the simplest kind of shower drain, made of just a single piece! Best for tile showers set over a concrete floor. It's basically a strainer and a pipe. It's basic, but effective if your shower fits the requirements of a single piece drain

Linear Shower Drain - These are some of the most stylish shower drains, and they usually are set along the edge of a flat shower floor, but can be placed anywhere. They are definitely one of the more popular drains and let you design a unique look for your shower.

Choosing A Shower Drain

The shower drain you go with will most likely be dictated by your shower, and more specifically, your shower floor. First examine your shower - consult a professional or give us a call if you can't figure it out on your own. Choosing the right shower drain for your floor doesn't need to be difficult! Kibasho carries all kinds of shower drains to fit your needs and we're happy to help you find the best product for your needs!

Shower Drains At Kibasho

Whether its a single piece or a linear drain you're after, Kibasho offers an extensive selection of drains. Brands like Alfi offers some luxurious linear shower drains and other brands like Westbrass offers drains and accessories to go along with them.