Medicine Cabinets To Organize Your Life Essentials

If you are looking for a place to store all of your bathroom items and accessories neatly and in a well-organized manner, then buying a new medicine cabinet is the perfect solution. Bathroom medicine cabinets are the perfect choice when you want a place to neatly hide and store your toothbrush. toothpaste, medicines, and other daily essentials so that your bathroom is free from clutter and mess. Kibasho is proud to carry the best medicine cabinets made by top reviewed brands such as KOHLER, Whitehaus, American Pride, and other luxury medicine cabinet brands. Whether you are looking for a high quality antique medicine cabinet, or a cheap modern bath mirror cabinet, we are happy to help you find what you need.


Types of Medicine Cabinets 

There are three main types of bath mirror cabinets: the recessed cabinet, the surface mount cabinet, and the corner mount cabinet. The perfect choice for you depends on the size and layout of your bathroom because the main difference between each one of these bathroom med cabinets concerns how it is mounted in your bathroom.


Recessed Cabinet 

If you would like to keep a sleek look across your bathroom and give users the illusion that there is nothing behind your bathroom mirror, then buying a recessed medicine cabinet is the perfect choice. The main design aspect in these stylish beauties is the mirror, and they luckily come in a multitude of styles and shapes to match your tastes. Whether it is framed, has beveled edges, is rectangular, or oval shaped, we have the best selection of recessed medicine cabinets for you to purchase from.


Surface Mount Cabinet

For buyers who are looking for the easiest type of medicine cabinet to install, then a surface mount medicine cabinet is a most preferable choice. Surface mount medicine cabinets are favored for their easy installation while still providing a large mirror and ample storage space for your toiletries. We are proud to carry a thorough selection of surface mounted medicine cabinets that come in a variety of finishes such as espresso, black, and white which can do wonders in any bathroom remodel and enhance both classic and modern looks alike. Over the past few years there have been some wonderful advancements in bathroom medicine cabinet technology, including cabinet sets that are equipped with Bluetooth speaker systems, such as the Whitehaus Musichaus medicine cabinet.


Corner Mount Cabinet

If you are someone that wants to make efficient use of every piece of space in their bathroom. A variation of the surface mount medicine cabinet, these corner mounted medicine cabinets are known for their deep storage space. They are able to hold more items when compared to other medicine cabinets because they are installed in the corner of the room. If you are looking for a colorful option to match your existing bathroom décor, you can find a corner medicine cabinet in color finishes such as white, black, and almond.


Best Medicine Cabinet Sizes

Medicine cabinets come in a variety of sizes so that you can find the exact option you need. If you want a 21” x 31” recessed medicine cabinet, a 20” x 26” Aluminum mirrored medicine cabinet or a 20” x 30” surface mount cabinet, Kibasho has the perfect option to meet your needs.


Buy Medicine Cabinets Online From Canada

If you are looking for an amazing deal on a medicine cabinet, but you live in Canada, worry not! Our best prices don’t need a coupon and aren’t too good to be true. Kibasho has international shipping options for our brothers up north so that you can enjoy the bathroom of your dream, wherever you are! Please feel free to call one of our customer service agents who will gladly help you through the process.