Top Kitchen Soap & Lotion Dispensers For The Best Hands Freeing Experience

Soap dispensers and are an important consideration when you're completing the perfect kitchen or bathroom renovation. Sitting right next to your kitchen faucet, and on top of your sink and countertops, these pieces of pump-action perfection deliver cleansing soap with ease. In addition to making cleaning the dishes or washing you hands as easy and simple as possible, they bring an extra shot of elegance to your sink that would not be there otherwise. At Kibasho, we carry the best soap dispensers, lotion dispensers, and air gaps made by the top reviewed manufacturers such as Westbrass, ALFI brand, Delta Faucet, KOHLER, and Whitehaus. 

Soap Dispenser Finishes and Styles

Whether you are looking for something modern or vintage, we carry soap and lotion dispensers in a variety of colors and finishes, such as polished chrome, antique brass, gold, stainless steel, white, black, copper, and bronze. At Kibasho we believe that understanding what each item's purpose in the kitchen is before you purchase it is important, so we created have a quick, handy guide below explaining each piece. 

Types of Soap Dispensers

A soap or lotion dispenser is a small container that usually has a pump-action top, where once you press it, uses air pressure to deliver soap or lotion to your hands. There are a few variations, including automatic soap and lotion dispensers, which use motion sensors instead of you needing to push it, leading to a hands-free experience. Commercial soap dispensers are commonly placed in public areas, and wall mounted soap dispensers are frequently added to bathrooms in order to free up counter space!

What is an Air Gap?

An air gap has a completely different function, but is an incredibly important piece in any kitchen sink. It is the most simple way of preventing your drain water from mixing with your drinking and washing water. It has the same purpose in a dishwasher, saving your dishes from being sprayed with dirty water mid wash. This is a very important function from a water usage and hygiene perspective, and we believe the little air gap could get some more recognition for it!

How Do I install an Air Gap or Soap Dispenser?

If you are wondering how to install an air gap or a soap dispenser, please follow our guide. If you are not quite certain about your proficiency and the job requirements we are happy to refer a trusted and qualified plumbing service professional through our nationwide community of home services professionals.