The Best Bathtub Drain And Overflow Assembly To Match Your Needs

Picking the right bathtub waste and overflow kit can be relatively complicated, as there are a multitude of options to pick from. If you are wondering where to buy a bathtub drain, the team as Kibasho has a comprehensive selection to pick from to match your stylistic and functional needs. We carry the best bathtub drains made by the top manufacturers such as Westbrass, Delta Faucet, KOHLER, and Moen. Our competitive low prices allow us to offer you fantastic savings on the cheapest test kit to the best bathtub drains made by the top manufacturers such as Westbrass, Delta Faucet, KOHLER, and Moen. We can provide you with the perfect option for your specific needs.


How Does A Bathtub Drain And Overflow Work?

A Bathtub Drain and Overflow, sometimes called an assembly, is an ingenious device because it comprises multiple different plumbing parts that have been assembled into one unit. It is made up of two distinct parts, a drain and an overflow which work together to make sure your bathtub doesn't get clogged or spill over! The drain comprises: A stopper, a drain flange, a gasket that creates an airtight seal with the drain elbow. The drain elbow intersects a waste tee, which is the connecting point between the drain and the overflow pipe, which at the top has a decorative overflow cover plate. 


What Types of Bathtub Drains Are There?

There are a few different varieties of bathtub drains and configurations. One of the main considerations depends on if your want your overflow to be exposed or not. A more basic cable rough contains all the essentials but not the connective tubing. All exposed overflows come with finished brass tubing instead of hidden overflows which are usually made with PVC or ABS plastic. The brass can be finished in a variety of colors including Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, Satin Nickel, Matte Black, and Powder Coat White. The next thing that you can choose is the type of overflow face plate that goes on the top of your tub drain overflow kit. You can select from One Hole, Two Hole, Trip Lever, or Illusionary (No Hole) face plates. Bath drains also come in a variety of styles depending on your preference. You can select from a beehive drain, pull and drain, lift and turn drain, tip toe drain, or a roman tub drain. As you can see, there are many bathtub drain parts to select from when picking the right waste and overflow kit. 


How to Install A Bathtub Drain and Overflow?

If you are wondering about tub waste and overflow installation, look no further, we've got you covered. Please head over to our how to install a bathtub drain and overflow guide in order to see how to replace your drain stopper, flange, and other components. If you would rather not deal with replacement parts and removal tools yourself, please see our professional services center. Kibasho has gathered a community of home services professionals to help you with your bathtub drain and other plumbing needs today.