Bathroom Accessories To Make The Bathing Experience Of Your Dreams A Reality

So you've bought all of the essentials such as a bathtub, a shower enclosure, shower heads, a bathroom faucet, a bathroom sink and a medicine cabinet for your new bathroom remodel, but you've forgotten about all of the beautiful bathroom accessories that help accent the new look that you have taken the time to carefully craft. Well fear not because Kibasho has got you covered! We are proud to carry anything and everything you can think of in terms of bathroom accessories including towel bars, stools, shelves, towel rings, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, cabinet knobs, and mirrors.

Best Bath Towel Bars

If you are looking for a bath towel holder stand, or a vintage brass towel bar, then Kibasho has your needs covered. We carry a variety of sizes and finishes of towel bars including stainless steel and polished chrome. These useful products can be used to stylishly hold your hand towels, bath towels, and wash cloths so that they can dry more quickly. 

Best Wooden Bath Stools

The perfect wooden bath stool is the one that allows you to get into your beautiful free standing bathtub with ease and perfectly complements the rest of your bathroom. They can be made in out of a variety of woods such as cedar and oak, and shaped into various forms to fit your bathrooms size and specifications perfectly.  

Best Bathroom Shelves

When looking for the best bathroom shelf, it is important to consider whether you would prefer a metallic shelf or a wooden one. This will determine the weight of the unit and how it fits into the overall decor that you have selected. Typically installed as above toilet storage, the bathroom shelf can also be installed in your bathroom's corners or against another wall. They are a very convenient form of bathroom storage and are able to meet to your specific functional and styling needs.

Bathroom Towel Rings

Towel rings are typically mounted on a wall near your bathroom sink for easy access when you want to dry your hands. They perform the important role of holding your hand towels within arms reach so that once you have finished washing your hands, your wet hands do not drip all over your beautiful counter top and cause a mess! Towel rings can be found in a variety of shapes and styles, such as square, circular, ovular, vintage, modern, and more. They are typically made out of sturdy materials such as stainless steel or polished brass so that they can withstand even the roughest of bathroom environments. 

Toilet Paper Holders

Whether you lay your toilet paper under or over, having the best toilet paper holder for your bathroom is important crafting your dream bathroom experience. We carry toilet paper holders in a variety of vintage and modern styles that can match any aesthetic you are seeking. 

Robe Hooks

if you are looking for a fixture that holds your clothes and can hang on the back of a door or be mounted on a wall, then a robe hook is the perfect bathroom accessory for your needs. The best robe hooks are made in a host of different styles and finishes to perfectly match your bathroom's unique look.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the best selection of bathroom mirrors of them all? Kibasho of course! We are proud to carry a variety of shapes and sizes of mirrors that can fit into the smallest powder room, or the largest bathroom wall you can think of. Whether it is circular, round, or rectangular, we carry the best reviewed bathroom mirrors made by top reviewed manufacturers such as Delta Faucet, ALFI brand, Whitehaus, American Standard, Grohe, and Moen.